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Take My Future, Past, It's Fine

But Now Is Mine

8 December
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Sango was raised in Feudal Japan, in a city of Taijiyas, youkai exterminators. Her childhood was a mostly happy one, filled with the training and teaching of her people's ways. Her family consisted of her parents, and her brother, Kohaku. One day when she was sixteen, when out on a mission to kill a demon, she came back to find her whole family and village murdered. Her brother's corpse was missing, so when she buried the others, she could not bury him with them. Since then she has continued carring out missions, killing smaller demons, honing her skills the best she can. She has come to Magna Mater University in order to further educate herself and learn from other's fighting techniques as well. It her ultimate goal to eventually return home and exact revenge for her people, once she has found those who killed them.

She's a little onguard when first meeting people, as she's never all too sure of who she can trust and who she cannot. Once she gets to know people a bit, however, she's generally pretty friendly. She would do anything for those she comes to care about, and is very protective of them. She dislikes men who objectify women, and generally catagorizes them as perverts and those who should not be trusted. Above all things, she finds trust to be vital. If she can't trust you, she'll generally want nothing to do with you. She would probably also be a little hesitant with anyone who was formally a demon, as she's used to fighting them, but again, after getting to know them, she may warm up to them. It will just take time.

((Sadly...I am not really Sango. I am just a roleplayer for Magna Mater Univeristy. I wish I had a real demon cat though ;_; ))
cats, demon slaying, family. loyalty, honor, kirara, taijiya